It had been long in the making.

It would be clay, Viktor said.

perfect for designing our new home, because

we should go away.


Away from the hectic, into the quiet.

so clear about our next destination, out there

my love.


The city, its culture, its cafés, its clashes,

duality - the hymn

I love.


Viktor said

enough was enough

he would take up flying, like an eagle.


I said

we are needed here, disruptors

work the transformation, wait.


There are 17 SDGs

sustainable development goals, which

the power brokers agreed upon


Water, energy, poverty goals,

education, gender equality, climate action,

can’t tackle one without the other


It’s all a system

we need systems change

take a systemic approach


2025 is looming

2025 is dooming


I agreed,

to take the chance

go off the grid


We had been long in the making


2013 Amsterdam, Dam Square, climate protests.

people holding mikes, shouting

‘There is no planet B!’


On my way to a restaurant

meeting colleagues

caught in the middle of the climate crowds.





dark brown hair, tiny ponytail, dark glasses

tight jeans, T-shirt, All Stars


colliding with




long blond hair, big ear rings,

little black dress, stiletto’s







who had taken my hand

big eyes, raised eyebrows, grins, fellow protesters

I melted into the march


my transition had begun


I left my banker

resigned from Obyx Consultants

joined Fashion Transition


It had been long in the making


Viktor would walk. Deep dive nature hiking

forest bathing

he’d go all environmental, ecological.


I would dance. Dance like I had never danced before.

dance like a dervish.

I’d go all Sufi, hippie, witchy.


Three weeks ago I drove my Toyota Prius for the last time

bought a mushroom dress

had lunch in the Oxo Tower


I had been long in the making.