Business as a force for good?

“At the end of life you will meet the person you could have become.”

 Please let those words come to you. They make you remember that life is full of choices. These words were not spoken in a church, nor at some spiritual gathering. They were expressed by Marcello Palazzi, one of the B Corp Leaders at the recent B Corp Summit, in Amsterdam on 23rd and 24th of September. He spoke those words from a deep conviction that entrepreneurship is something very human, that it can be good and beautiful. The Summit convened businesses to address the change that is needed to help tackle the world’s greatest challenges and to build a more inclusive society. 


Last Friday marked another day of international climate strikes, with a week full of reports about the UN Climate Action Summit and discussions in New York. Thousands of people are gathering on the streets demanding change. In the ten years since I joined Greenpeace the pressure has built up. Frightening and paralysing “end of time” dates were voiced, stating by when we would meet our tipping point. It has been ten years since my transition, hotter than ever, and we are closer to that tipping point.

Borders, listening and fiction

Change is the new constant. Was that ever different? In his book "Thank you for being late" New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman describes that the speed of technological change, globalisation of the market, climate change and loss of biodiversity all have a huge impact on the way we work, live, on politics and ethics. He proposes to ‘pause in stride’. A worthy advice in these fast times.

Initiation Into Deep Democracy

We all know what it can feel like when our vote does not land with the majority, when our proposal is not backed or when our choice cannot see the light of day, even if all of this was dealt with democratically. It is painful. We react in different ways: we may give in, we surrender, we might joke or moan. Worse, we may become angry, we may start to sabotage, organise strikes and, in the worst situation, our (re) actions might lead to fights, to war.

Video: The Three As of Communications

The world of communications has dramatically changed over the years. We are globally and totally connected, everyone can be a medium, we can send, share, comment, like and dislike... In this video, I imagine a connected world, where authenticity is what we strive for. In everything we do we take the two fundamental audiences -- Mother Earth and future generations -- into consideration and in which we all have the audacity to do the right thing. In that world transparency is a given, spinning something of the past, advertising happens for things we truly need and mutual respect is the overall mantra.

Video: Communicating In a Post-Truth World

In this video, I shared my take on the challenges of communicating online in a world that has been described as 'post-truth'. This was filmed at a gathering of EACD members and peers to discuss recent political developments and the effects (social) media dynamics have on political discourse. The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) is the European network of in-house communications leaders: find out more at