About Inge Wallage

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Working where sustainability and communications meet, is a fundamental part of my playground. My devotion in this dynamic is to be an enabler and a force for good.

In October 2017 I founded my own consultancy The Butterfly Effect - strategies for transformation after 25 years of in-house roles. Considering the context of 'a radically changing world', I felt the urge to put my skills, my learnings and my drive to many clients, profit, non-profit, teams and individuals, those aiming to do their work purposefully. I truly believe the client knows best and it is my role to provoke different thinking.

I offer a variety of programmes under the over-arching areas of: 
- change programmes, 
- story development and 
- speaking & facilitation

I believe that we need to take action to make the SDGs a reality, now more than ever. One of my main clients is the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD). I believe in the potential of their contribution to our changing world.

I believe that borders are imaginary, true listening an art, and am convinced of the power of fiction. I am currently writing my first novel and poetry.

Organisations I’ve Worked For

Throughout my career, I have worked with large companies, emerging start-ups and activist not-for-profits. Here are just a few of the organisations I have had the pleasure to work with. For more information please visit my Linkedin.


My Belief


“Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”

Thor Heyerdahl

I work according to the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy, use communications as an instrument for change. I believe in (co-) creating strategies according to ‘The 3As': authenticity, accountability and audacity.