About Inge Wallage

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We need stories in today's world in which change is the new constant (was it ever different?). Stories will get us to new desired realities. My devotion in this dynamic is to be an enabler and a force for good.

In October 2017 I founded my own consultancy The Butterfly Effect - strategies for transformation after 25 years of in-house roles. Considering the context of 'a radically changing world', I felt the urge to put my skills, my learnings and my drive to many clients, profit, non-profit, big & small, teams and individuals, with those aiming to do their work purposefully. I truly believe the client knows best and it is my role to provoke different thinking.

I offer a variety of devoted programmes under the over-arching areas of: 
- strategy consulting, 
- story development and 
- speaking & facilitation

I work across various areas, having been lucky to have worked on and experienced a whole realm of different responsibilities and types of work. My devoted programmes are my focus, but we can talk about other projects such as: being the trusted advisor, advice on team structures & focus, crisis management and interim roles.

Out of my conviction that the communications function is fundamental, I work for the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), a supporting and advisory role, part-time to contribute to its mission to drive excellence in the communications profession. 

I work with two brothers in the Church of Change: a church without religion that challenges you and your organisation to explore things that are the most important. Because changing companies for the better, starts with one powerful question: what do you believe in? The conversation within organisations is no longer just about profit. Organisations are realising the importance of values, purpose and meaning at work. This conversation requires more than topdown communication, however, it requires an open dialogue.

I am a Founding Member of YourPublicValue and since 9th September 2018 on their Supervisory Board in the conviction that we need dialogue between business and society, bringing the outside world into organisational realities to bring the SDGs to life.

I am writing my first novel and poetry. You can view my personal blog and creative projects here.


My Approach


“Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”

Thor Heyerdahl

I work according to the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy and use communications as an instrument for change. I believe in (co-) creating strategies according to ‘The 3As': authenticity, accountability and audacity. I believe these three elements are pivotal to ensuring progress for a sustainable world.