Strategies for Transformation

I focus on three areas that are connected but can also form separate projects/programmes.





“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

Niccolò Machiavelli

Imagine the future.

This visualisation can be something big and over-arching or something small and elementary. Whatever it is, it is crucial to picture where you want to head, what next steps you need to take. As an individual, as a team or as an organisation or company.

Explore the context, at micro and macro level, which I believe are connected. Explore the unknown. Address power. Challenge trodden paths and be bold and dare to do some blue sky thinking.

I use different techniques – from very ‘business’ oriented ones to more ‘esoteric’ ones, you chose.

“I invited Inge to my team retreat and asked her to share her views about the future of the communications function. Inge did so in the context of potentially quite significant changes in society. She worked as a gentle disruptor, inviting us to think and debate ‘on our feet’ – Deep Democracy style.”
— Head of Internal & External Comms at large multinational company

We can do…

  • one-on-one sessions (mentoring),

  • team sessions,

  • workshops,

  • panel discussions,

  • large group sessions.

My sessions are all about dialogue, listening and very interactive.

I aim to get everyone to participate. When everyone contributes, we benefit from all wisdom. The future imagined will not only be better, but more likely to get implemented.

Strategic communications plays a pivotal role.

The communications function is the enabler to strike relationships between an organisation and all its stakeholders. When conducted truly strategically it serves as a ‘lighthouse’ for the organisation. It researches the societal context and poses the critical questions.

”Inge has been instrumental in leading a transformation in IWA’s approach to strategic engagement with a broad set of key stakeholders. Her leadership skills and experience provided a critical contribution to shaping the direction of the organisation”.
— Ger Bergkamp- Former Executive Director IWA

A solid communications strategy can only be put together when the imagined future is clear. That is why I believe that the communications strategy and the organisational (business) strategy are intertwined, with different implementation plans, across the realm of all stakeholders.

Change is a constant.

Established programmes require ongoing check-up through the lenses of change. Having acted as a change agent throughout my working life and being comfortable with it, I value working with people on change: with teams, individuals, the organisation. Resistance will always play a role, concealed or openly. I value the challenge of working with resistance, to use it constructively and even turn it into a ‘force for good’.





"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your language; it becomes actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destination."

Lao Tzu

Real stories will create the new realities.

One cannot underestimate the importance of having the right story, for oneself, for one’s organisation and thus all stakeholders. The right story is the one that is truly authentic, that is in synch with ones values and deep beliefs. Those are the stories that last.

Let’s create the true authentic stories that you feel proud of and believe in.

We work on stories conceived within the context of the changing world and that explore which role you play in this dynamic.

“Inge knows the power of story. As communications director at Greenpeace International she made the space and resources available to do something that had never been done previously: the articulation of a single overarching organisational story. Not only did that narrative unite disparate campaigns and national offices, it became the platform on which we built an internal culture-change agenda and a ten-year strategy that continues to drive the organisation today. She’s a woman of vision with a gift for getting things done.”
— Brian Fitzgerald, Director, Dancing Fox, B.V., former Head of Digital Activism at Greenpeace International - Former Colleague

We need stories that connect people across literal and virtual borders, that describe a prosperous future and have a long time perspective.

Different story development methods bring stories to live. In the tradition of Joseph Campbell and in accordance with Jonah Sachs’ Story Wars we define who we are, the role we chose and describe characteristics of the roles. We determine the true heroes among our stakeholders.

Part of my approach is to invite people to write (or draw) their own stories in different settings to explore strengths and weaknesses. Go beyond inhibitions and become imaginative. In teams and/or larger organisational settings we explore how the different stories gel together to create a complete team and/or organisational story.

I advise, invite ‘out-of-the-box’, co-create and edit.





“I love commuting between languages, just as I love commuting between cultures and cities.”

Elif Shafak

I love sharing my ideas of what the future might hold.

I enjoy telling stories that are uplifting and that energise people. I love to be the challenger of things that might lie ahead with the intention to get people to come along. I am not the one who has all the answers, but adore challenging all of us together to explore beyond trodden paths.

I thoroughly enjoy connecting with the audience, always with the intention to embark upon a conversation. In my experience people in the audience have so much to contribute. Having worked in different industries, different countries and in profit and non-profit, I love sharing my ideas of what the future might hold and to imagine the roles we have in the creation of it.

“The way Inge moderates and facilitates – in small or larger settings - allows a true conversation to take place on topics, even if they are viral and the subject of heated debates. As a speaker/presenter she masters to engage an audience deeply.”
— Hans Koeleman CCO KPN/President EACD

I present and speak at large and small conferences, in both English and Dutch: on the necessity of stories, Deep Democracy, power and transition. I give guest lectures at Universities and Schools on almost any topic as part of the communications function.

Moderation and facilitation to me is when real conversations happen.

Being taught in the philosophy and method of Deep Democracy I have furthered the art of facilitation (and moderation) to enable true dialogue. When teams and organisations embark upon real and meaningful conversations - including debate in dialectic style, through sensing, etc. - people connect, find common ground, search for different solutions and become better at what they do.

“Vind maar eens een moderator die inhoudelijk van wanten weet en daar met maatgevoel mee om kan gaan. Bescheiden en alert creëerde Inge Wallage vrije ruimte voor de gasten en sprekers tijdens de Galjaarddag van Logeion, de beroepsvereniging voor communicatie. Voelde gewoon goed.”
— Dr. Guido Rijnja Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst

I thrive on moderating in such fashion that the conversation gets all participants to join in, large or small. Together we aim to do 360degrees discussion. When moderating a panel I care both about the speakers and the audience in order to facilitate the overall conversation, not an act ‘on stage’.



Organizations I’ve Worked With

Over my career, I have worked with large companies, emerging start-ups and activist not-for-profits. Here are just a few of the organizations I have had the pleasure to work with:


Highlights of Things I’ve Done